Emporium Of Delight: 01

As well as sharing recipes that I have tried and tested on DFS03 I am also going to share with you some of the store-bought goodies that are rocking my world and any online resources that if you are dairy free or vegan you should check out! So let’s crack on…

Adult Choco Mylk from Rebel Kitchen

This week I discovered the ‘Mylk’ range from Rebel Kitchen and my world was changed forever! In my 11 years of being dairy free I have tried A LOT of dairy free milkshakes and none of them are a patch on this little carton of chocolatey delight! Made with coconut milk, date nectar and cacoa I was in love at first sip! These will be on my shopping list as a weekly treat from now on! I am looking forward to trying the other flavours out soon!


Yo Yos from Bear Nibbles

While working I like to have a snack on hand that is tasty and a bit sweet. Normally I would reach for the bag of sweets or maybe some pringles but as previously discussed these are all out of the window (for now) so I needed something new to snack on. Enter Yo Yos. I had seen them in the supermarket a few times but always bypassed them for something decidedly less healthy and now I am sorry I did. Each pack contains two rolls of pure bakes fruit. They have helped me get passed the mid-morning sugar craving at the office without fail! I have tried all of them and mango wins hands down!


Resource: Accidentally Vegan UK

There is nothing more satisfying than discovering that something you wouldn’t expect to be dairy free/vegan actually is. The day I discovered I could have Jus-Rols pop and fresh pain au chocolats was a happy day indeed and partially the reason why I know have so lose so much weight – true story! Accidentally Vegan have made it there mission to share with UK vegans all the tasty good food that are suitable for us to eat and you can find them on twitter and instagram!  Keep up the good work, you’ll come in handy when I need a sugary fix!

That’s all I got for you this week! If you have a product or website you want me to check out, hit me up!


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